Never miss a delay again

Track your delays using GPS data

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Catch every delay

You'll never be paid for the delays you don't bill
  • Auto calculation of delay charges using GPS data
  • Approaching free time customer notifications
  • One click approval triggers:
    • Enter delay accessorial into TMS
    • Enter GPS screenshot into TMS
    • Email customer

Standardize your process

Workflow-centric design makes training and monitoring easy
  • Management dashboard
  • Delays accumulate for review
  • Every potential delay's status is tracked and available for inspection

Geo-fencing that works...

...even without a geo-fence
Geo-fences are great... until they don’t exist or are in the wrong place. Envase Delay Tracking tracks all meaningful stops, even if they are outside a geo-fence.
  • Identify stops outside geo-fences
  • Track lines outside facilities
  • De-bounced geo-fence entries and exits


One fleet, one month, one big (data) opportunity

Algorithms you need, an API you’ll love

Our well documented API gives you:
  • De-bounced geo-fencing
  • Wait outside facility calculations
  • Match TMS itineraries to GPS data
  • Identify stops outside geo-fences

Focus on your special sauce

Spend your time making your core features great, not implementing basic geo-fencing. Basic doesn't cut it. Give your customers a great experience today.
With the Blackfly API and your saved dev time, you could:
  • Improve customer visibility
  • Automate driver communication
  • Make an exceptions feed
  • Visualize shipment costs

A medium fleet produce millions of data points a months.

To handle all this data, Envase Delay Tracking uses:
  • Specialized time series databases
  • A geospatial engine
  • Custom tile servers
  • Event streams
Building a performant and reliable solution is difficult. Let us handle it!